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Welcome to our "Grandview Family"! We are very excited to be your family clinic. While you are a patient here, we will strive to provide you with the very best healthcare experience, providing compassionate, state of the art healthcare to your infant, child, teenager, parents and grandparents, in an atmosphere that is family friendly, pleasant, and educational.

We are grateful that you are a part of our "Grandview Family" and we look forward to providing you and your family with the best healthcare possible. 

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Patient testimonials about Grandview Family Medicine, Providers and Staff

I would definitely recommend Grandview Family Medicine to my family and friends. The Staff have always been so caring and nice. I love seeing Dr. Savage, but when I need to be seen same day, I have been happy seeing Dr Pledger or Dr. Stubbs. I was impressed that I could call at any time and get the on-call PA, even at midnight when my son was having an allergic reaction. I also enjoy their office having later open hours to work with my busy schedule. Thank you Grandview Family Medicine!

- Candace

Dr. Savage is my doctor and I absolutely love her! I am currently pregnant so I visit this clinic A LOT. Every time I go the front desk girls are always very kind, I never have to wait long, and the nurses/doctor are always very good at making sure all my questions are answered, and all my needs are met. They are very good at monitoring and watching for any health issues or complications that can occur during pregnancy. I deliver next month and it is extremely nice to have the confidence in my doctor that I do. I know that Dr. Savage will be sure to take care of me, and I can't wait for my little guy to have Grandview Family Medicine as his doctor. I know they will take care of him like the have taken care of me.

- Lauren

My family and I have had nothing but great experiences at this office. Our needs have always been met and all our questions answered. The Dr.s here are amazing and take a real interest in your issues. Dr. Savage is one of a kind! She has helped me get through two rather difficult pregnancies and delivered both my children. She truly made me feel safe and cared for the whole time, going to great measures to ensure both me and my baby's health.

My son recently had his regular check up at the new clinic and it is just incredible! The waiting room is so comfortable and has an area for my daughter to play and keep busy while we check in. I love the staff here and will never go anywhere else!

- Callan

My family and I have been going to GFM since 2008. I love that Dr. Savage takes care of me during pregnancy and then continues to care for my children after delivery. I love that she is the doctor for the whole family! As a family we've experienced several significant medical problems and GFM has been fantastic in providing care and follow up. Over the years we have met with all PAs as well as Dr. Robinson and have received excellent care from all. I highly recommend GFM to everyone, and always sing Dr. Savage's praises to any friends who ask for a referral for pregnancy.

- Alma

I LOVE Grandview Family Medicine! I'm always able to get same day appointments, and I love that they have after regular hours appointments, so if I'm not "sick sick" I can go to work, and then still go to the doctor for regular exams. I usually see Dr. Robinson who always remembers me and my chart without needing to re-read everything (even though I know he does to cover his bases ;)). The office staff is friendly, and always open to answering questions over the phone. We've worked through a few different prescriptions trying to find the right dosages, and they're always willing to try and save me money with samples when available. I moved to Payson almost a year ago and still travel to Provo to go to Grandview Family Medicine! : )

- Megan

Dr. Savage saved me from a lifetime of embarrassment! Ever since I can remember my under arms would sweat like Niagara Falls! I would always wear sweaters and jackets to cover it up and keep me from being embarrassed. A family member referred me to Dr. Savage and I was prescribed the PERFECT medication to clear it up 100%! I have not had an issue with sweating in 4 years, thanks to Dr. Savage. My wife and I also came to Grandview Family Medicine for the gender ultrasound of our baby! It was such a positive experience for us both. My wife was treated like a queen and I have total confidence in the medical staff with this office. I know for certain my wife and I will be returning patients!

- James

I really like this clinic and feel they put patients first. Have had great experiences at this clinic over the past four years. I have gone to Grandview for my own personal well check-ups, my wife goes, and I take my kid there. I became a patient some time at the start of 2010 recommended by word of mouth. Because of the attention to detail and hands on care, I convinced by wife to switch her primary provider and she has been really happy and Grandview.

Dr. Savage delivered our first baby in 2012 and did an excellent job. The delivery went smoothly and I felt really good about the whole delivery process, even though it was easiest for me (since I was not having the baby:/) We always felt like she cared about my newborn daughter's well-being and came by several times for follow-up checks while we were in the hospital; explained things and checked on my wife's emotional well-being. That was really important for me.

I have to mention that I have had great experiences on general visits with the two PA's that work for Dr. Savage as well, Haley and Lisa. They are very smart and pro-active. I fell like they take the time to understand issues on all my visits and my family visits. There has even been a few times when I have called after hours and Haley helped me with medicating by baby when she was sick; and was happy to do so. I didn't feel like a bother. I highly recommend this clinic top anyone looking for top notch medical care and always send my friends/family to Grandview.

- Clyde

I had a great experience. I met with Lisa for a pre-martial exam. The staff was very friendly and informative. There wasn't a long wait and all my questions were answered.

- Hoku

Grandview has been absolutely awesome for my family and I. They have later hours (they are open until 9 p.m.) which helped a lot when I was working and couldn't go in during normal hours. Dr. Savage is amazing and has been my provider for a couple of years. She helped me to work through a miscarriage and then my recent pregnancy and birth of my premature son. She explains things well and it good at answering questions and doing research if she doesn't immediately know the answer. The staff at Grandview have always been kind and helpful and are quick to respond to any voicemails or email correspondence. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

- Jenae

I'm not one who enjoys going to the doctor; it is usually an experience that brings on anxiety for me. I made an appointment with Dr. Robinson after a friend recommended Grandview Medical to me. I expressed my concerns to him about symptoms and family health history and he was happy to rule out anything that didn't match up and test for anything that it could have been. I'm happy to say it was just a Vitamin deficiency but the symptoms fell under so many different possibilities. Dr. Robinson did not dismiss my concerns as I have had happen with other doctors, rather taking time to address it all and explain it in terms that my husband and I could understand, he put our minds at ease. I'm glad to say that I now have a doctor's office to go to while we live in Provo that I am comfortable with.

- Gina

I am a bishop of a student ward at BYU and have referred some of our students to the clinic. They have been very impressed with the quality of care they received and the friendliness of the staff. In all cases it was a very positive experience. I have no hesitation of referring more students to Grandview Family Medicine.

- Mykal

Since 2006, I moved to Provo and I'm grateful for GRANDVIEW FAMILY MEDICINE, it is a place to come when you need help.

- Billy

Dr. Savage was my doctor during my first pregnancy. I always felt comfortable at the appointments and felt like I was getting all my questions answered. She made a decision at the very end of the pregnancy for me to have one extra test performed, and it literally saved my baby's life. I could not be more grateful for everything she did! I have recommended her to all my friends.

- Lexie

I no longer live in Provo, but Dr. Savage was my physician 5 years ago.  When I suffered a miscarriage, she helped me mourn and assured me that all hope was not lost.  About a year later she delivered my first child and then gave me life-changing assurance that I was not a bad mother for feeding my child formula.  Dr. Savage helped me physically and emotionally and was also a great doctor to my daughter.  She is a mother and knows what it is like to worry about your child.  I would highly recommend her and her happy office staff to anyone in the area. 

- Cami

I just want to thank you for a number of things.  Your hours allowing for a bit later time slots have been a blessing several times, and your staff is amazing.  I typically see Dr. Aaron Robinson, and am fully comfortable with him.  He listens to me, really listens.  He's always been extraordinarily helpful, kind, and knowledgeable.  I just wanted to make sure that you knew my feelings, and got some positive feedback.  Thank you so much for the awesome service you provide. 

- Lisa

Dr Savage was my doctor for both my saddest experience in life (a pregnancy loss) and my happiest experience in life (my healthy baby, born a year later). She is very knowledgeable, kind, and — best of all — respectful. She is very calming and I have recommended her to every lady I know in Utah Valley!  Now that we live several states away and are preparing for the birth of another baby, I honestly wish we could just go back to Provo for the delivery, hahaha! She's that good! :) 

- Elizabeth

I have been coming to Grandview Family Medicine for several years now.  Our family sees Lisa Stubbs, and she is FANTASTIC!  The staff is always friendly and helpful.  I have recommended Grandview to my friends and family, and will continue to do so. 

- Sara

My family and I have been patients here for almost 9 years and Dr. Savage has delivered 2 of my babies with one more on the way. Midwives delivered my first baby because as a first time mom I was scared about the claims that doctors will cause you to have unnecessary c-sections and episiotomies. I was shuffled through an office of 9 midwives and by the end I felt like none of them knew me, but there was one in particular that I could not stand. Of course she was the one on call when I delivered my first and it was not a good experience. I went to Dr. Savage after that and have been to here since. I feel like she went to great lengths when some complications started with my second child, to do her best to make sure I didn't need a c-section, and now pregnant with my 4th, I've still never had a c-section or episiotomy.

I appreciate that Dr. Savage does every thing she can to make sure she is the one who delivers your baby; especially after the disappointing experience I had with my first. I also appreciate that she doesn't look at me like I'm crazy when I ask "dumb" questions, and I even recall a time that her office was busy and clearly she had patients waiting and I told her my questions could wait until next time, but she said "no, this is your appointment, ask away." I also appreciate that they don't tell me I need to come in "just in case" over every single thing I call about, many offices will tell you to come in but here they will tell you if it's honestly ok to let something be for a few days and see if it gets better on it's own.

The staff is organized; I've never had a problem with billing or insurance issues or appointments. I feel like Dr. Savage has always been ahead on technology as well and is always updating and upgrading when it will provide better care for her patients. The office is always clean and maintained. I can't say enough good things about this place; I've probably referred at least 20 people here over the years!

- Michelle

I have to say LISA STUBBS is about the coolest! There's nothing, I couldn't talk to her about. I trust  my LIFE in her hands. I wouldn't have survived the last few years without her advice and support. The entire office is great!!!

- Lori

I have been a patient with Grandview for years and have received the best care of any facility I have ever been to. I have loved my experiences with Grandview so much so that I referred my husband and he also will now only come to Grandview for his medical needs. Every staff member I have encountered has been knowledgeable, caring and has gone above and beyond to answer all my questions and concerns. I am truly appreciative to Grandview for their consistently excellent care. Special thanks to Lisa Stubbs, Heather Harrison and Dr. Robinson and all of the nursing staff.

- Tiffany

This is a first from the fingers of Kenneth K. - that being a letter of approval for my experience with your clinic yesterday again and a few years ago. Suffice it to say that I am a fairly determined skeptic/critic of the "healthcare" vertical - long story. I become different (ready to rumble) when I know I'm headed to a doctors office. I've visited your clinic twice in 4 years and both times, from the call to schedule to the visit (on time - huge surprise for both) and the overall experience - way to go. If the valley didn't need your service I'd suggest you fold up and teach your industry peers. This is a letter of appreciation and a complement to all of you. Keep it up.

- Ken K

Dr. Savage is the best! She has delivered all 5 of my kids. She has always been kind and understanding as well as informative. The staff are all kind and friendly people.

- Danielle

I just wanted to say I had a wonderful experience with Haley! It was the first time I'd met her and she made me feel so comfortable and not rushed at all. I felt like she really cared, thank you!!

- Caren

I am grateful for the kindness and good humor of Lisa Stubbs.

- H Harvey

I absolutely love Grandview Family Medicine. I will never go anywhere else. They all know my family and me by name. I feel very taken care of there. 

- Kayla

We started out with Dr. Savage in 2005. She delivered our first baby and has been our pediatrician ever since. Now we trust everyone at Grandview Family Medicine to take care of our family. (2 kids and 2 parents) Thank you for the awesome job you do!

- Theresa

I came to GFM in January 2008 and over the next three years became a regular at the clinic as Dr. Savage saw me through two pregnancies & cared for my children. I cannot say enough good about the clinic and its Doctors/Practitioners.  Between my husband, children, and myself we have undoubtedly seen every provider in the clinic at one point or another. They are all professional, kind, knowledgeable, and... fabulous!  We have now moved away to Tennessee and have the difficult task of finding new providers that will even begin to measure up to the high quality of care we received at GFM. We truly miss GFM and I particularly will miss Dr. Savage who provided me the best care I could ever ask for.

Thank you all!

- Jordyn